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For "Mission impossible" experts: creativity is a tool, not a mechanic.

Whether you seek to drive creativity performance to the next level or are restructuring the project to improve costs, Media Ventures offers a unique set of services both for production and distribution. As businesspeople, we understand that every problem impacts operations and costs.

Our professionals can be both:

  • Veteran entertainment experts who can solve complex issues critical to your business, and

  • Seasoned managers who implement practical, cost-effective solutions to boost your projects

  • We perform due diligence and rapid analysis to test the alignment of the project with your business, its ability to produce actionable operating and financial reports, and the effectiveness of overall issues. Using small teams of down-to-earth showbiz professionals, we utilize powerful tools to identify performance-improvement obstacles and create a plan for quickly achieving results.

Media Ventures was the first creative turnaround firm to build an internal restructuring expertise and our approach is extremely innovative and mission-critical oriented. Our experts can work on-site, side-by-side or online with the client to create, structure and execute plans that improve performance, lower costs and complexity and ensure that creativity is an enabler of business strategy, not an obstacle to work around.

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion – including Q&A's around managing entertainment issues – contact me or, tweet me.


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